Upon landing on my website, you have begun a very exciting journey towards taking control of your health and that of your loved ones. I am glad you are interested in natural medicine and I would like to welcome you to My Family Homeopath Clinic.

Why choose My Family Homeopath Clinic? Let me give you some background about myself and the origin of my clinic.  I grew up in Bogota, Colombia.  We do not have seasons and can enjoy spring-like weather all year round; as a result there is always an abundance of fruits, vegetables and herbs. Despite having conventional, main stream medicine in Colombia, many complaints are treated at home with herbs and natural resources. My Mom always had herbs in our garden for every health complaint we may have developed.  As a child, I wanted to become a pharmacist and was always triturating different leaves and materials to produce medicine. Eventually, I ended up becoming a research scientist. I enjoyed experimenting in a laboratory, learning new things every moment and always looking for answers to different phenomena. My life was always busy and hectic, and the scarce free time I had was to enjoy family, dance and read about natural medicine.

After my father became severely ill, I noticed his condition had deteriorated with the use of conventional medicine.  I became concerned about putting any more drugs into my system once I became diabetic and had to use insulin on a daily basis.  Then my son was diagnosed with asthma and his dependence on puffers was increasing, without any improvement.  Faced with these difficulties, I tried to discuss the use of herbs or supplements with conventional doctors and colleagues to avoid the use of harsh drugs and their side effects, but I was never heard.

However, in my search for a natural alternative, I was inspired by two great professionals, who were from different streams but were both guided by the same passion for improving the quality of their patients’ lives. One, a neurologist that I had the privilege to work with at Sick Kids hospital, is a well-known doctor who is dedicated to her paediatric patients.  The other, a naturopath possessing professional and compassionate qualities, cured my son from asthma with homeopathy.

It was then that I decided to learn about natural medicine and become a homeopath with a clear goal: I wanted to provide my patients with the help that my son had received, but that was difficult to find.  I wanted to become a health care provider who could assist my patients with the personalized care and attention that family doctors used to provide, but no longer have time for.  I wanted to be able to take the time to really listen and understand the source of my patients’ ailments, and when required, visit them at their homes.  Finally, I wanted to dedicate my life to learn and cure the ill in a gentle, natural way.

This is what you will find in My Family Homeopath Clinic - a healing environment where knowledge, compassion, and guidance will help you become more aware of yourself, and your requirements for a healthy body and mind.