First Appointment - Booking and Consultation Procedures


You can book your appointment by phone (416-573-8570) or by email ( ).  Please inquire for a password to download forms at

Getting prepared for your Inital Consultation

Please go to the indicated tab on my website to gather the forms you will need as outlined below:

Under the tab, forms, find and fill out the intake form that is appropriate for your age group.  Once completed, email it to me ( ) at least two days before your initial appointment.

Under the same tab, you will also find a consent form. Please fill out the form, print it, and bring a signed copy to your appointment.

If you have had blood tests done within the last 3 months, please ask your physician’s administrative office for a printed copy and bring it with you to your appointment.

Before your appointment, please keep a thorough record of all meals consumed for three days (you should include 2 weekdays in your records, and a Saturday or Sunday.) Specify times and main foods eaten, and be sure to bring your records at the time of your visit.  I am here to help, not to judge, so please be honest.

Please be on time.  You should arrive no later than 5 min after your scheduled appointment.

At your first visit, please announce yourself at the reception of Serenity and I will meet you in the reception area.  

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation takes approximately 1.5 hours for children, and 2 hours for adults. Sometimes 2 shorter appointments may be required. The reason for the lengthy consultation is that I will need to go through the intake form and any available lab tests; interview the individual in need of assistance and possibly a close family member; and collect information about symptoms at all levels, modalities of the symptoms, presenting new and old symptoms, likes, dislikes, diet, etc. Please try to be honest and open. I need to ask a lot of questions in order to discover what makes you unique, and find the remedy that will best start the healing process.

Getting your homeopathic prescription 

Usually a short appointment (15 min) is booked one week after the initial consultation to confirm the remedy selection, and pick up the prescribed remedy and dosage instructions.  

Follow-up appointment 

The first follow-up appointment (40-60 minutes) is usually booked three to four weeks after taking the remedy. At this appointment, I evaluate the effects of the remedy and decide the next steps to take in treating each individual case.