Clara’s mission at My Family Homeopath Clinic is to guide you and your family to find the path to preserve and/or restore health, naturally and permanently.  This is accomplished through the use of holistic modalities such as Classical Homeopathy, Nutrition, and Bowen Technique, supported by healthy lifestyle practices.

BIOGRAPHY - Clara Lopez-Amaya


Natural Medicine:



Clara began her career in the sciences working in Colombia, as both a Research Associate and a University Assistant Professor of Microbiology and Biotechnology. Upon her arrival in Canada, Clara worked as a Research Associate at the Botany department of The University of Toronto, and her passion for science drove her to pursue her Ph.D. studies. Soon after she began post-doctoral work at The University of Guelph, she was granted a position at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada, where she worked for six years doing research in the immunopathology of Multiple Sclerosis. In addition to her lab work, she also worked as a Clinic Coordinator. Her involvement with children and their families in the clinic was a beautiful and rewarding experience, as it gave her the opportunity to see the benefits of her work from a personal perspective.

Clara has always had an interest in natural medicine, but it was her desperation to help her three year old son overcome asthma, that drove her to search for natural alternatives. Inspired by her positive experience, Clara quit her position at The Hospital for Sick Children to study Homeopathy. Over the past 7 years, Clara has successfully treated individuals of different age groups with acute and chronic conditions, and numerous children with sports-related injuries.


Supported by her deep knowledge and understanding of the art and science of Homeopathy, her background in Health Sciences, and an intense love and passion for what she does, Clara currently uses Homeopathy, Bowen technique, and Nutritional Approaches to accomplish her mission of helping people to heal and be able to reach their goals in life. Clara is seriously committed to helping people find the path to restoring and /or maintaining good health by treating the whole person in a natural, gentle way. The focus of her practice is the whole family as she believes happiness, harmony and lasting health become a reality when all family members are healed. Clara sees patients at her private practice in Mississauga, and also at her patients’ homes through her home visit services. Her clinic, My Family Homeopath, is located at 15 Pearl St. Mississauga, ON. T: 416-573-8570.
email: claralopez-amaya@sympatico.ca